Hidden Hazards after Water Damage

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Dangers after water damage – Keeping safe Damage from extreme and unexpected weather events are overwhelming. After you find water in your property, you quickly realise that there is masses of conflicting advice on the internet, and even from different Government organisations. Knowing where to turn to avoid longer term problems is often the biggest stress

What causes problems in the indoor environment?

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What causes problems in the indoor environment? Our bodies take in what they need to survive and what harms them every day when we eat, drink and breathe, or even touch surfaces. The greatest chance we have of taking in something harmful is when we breath. The average person breaths between 6

Viridis helps the ANU achieve ‘ACT’s greenest building’

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Viridis is proud to have been part of team that delivered the ACT’s greenest building, which has been unveiled at The Australian National University (ANU). The Frank Fenner Building, which hosts the Fenner School of Environment and Society and the ANU Climate Change Institute, has been formally presented with a 6 Star Green Star