Sustainability Performance and Design Consulting

The Viridis Sustainability team are driving a shift towards sustainability in the built environment by delivering high quality advice, project management, technical services, training and corporate change support.

What We Do

Viridis’ Sustainability team have a broad range of training, interest and experience, allowing us to offer our clients a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach. We help new, refurbishment and existing projects in the construction and infrastructure industries achieve their sustainability goals. Viridis can also work with organisations to help them set targets and pathways to work towards Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability benchmarks.

How We Work

Viridis Sustainability have experience in engineering, architecture and environmental factors influencing buildings, their surroundings and the communities that use them.

Our position in the sustainably built environment was originally cemented when our Managing Director Jonathan Dalton was the Green Star Accredited Professional on the very first Green Star project in Australia, 8 Brindabella Circuit at the Canberra Airport, certified in 2004.  Since 8 Brindabella we have continued to support and challenge the uptake of sustainability in the Australian construction industry.

Single projects and multi portfolio stakeholders desire measured direction for how they and their assets perform. The Viridis Sustainability Team consult on evaluating and achieving outcomes by leveraging on our experience and expertise, and offer our clients clear options for how to achieve their performance goals.

Our Difference

For Sustainability advice that goes beyond a ‘tick the box’ approach, contact Viridis to speak to one of our passionate and friendly consultants who can help your organisation or project articulate their sustainability requirements, and achieve them in a meaningful and effective way. When you deal with any of our highly qualified consultants you are tapping into the broad range of experience of our entire team.

Viridis can offer a range of sustainability services to organisations and projects.
Work we commonly perform includes:

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