Indoor Environmental Quality, Risk Assessments and Investigations

Viridis Investigations provide independent, professional and responsive environmental consulting services across Australia and internationally.

What We Do

Viridis investigations are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals for the built and occupational environments servicing industry and supporting individuals. We seek to evaluate risk and offer independent, reliable and best practice recommendations.

How We Work

The Viridis Investigations team has been engaged in a range of projects to evaluate environmental and associated health parameters, including chemical, biological and physical factors.

We specialise in mould, moisture and water damaged building investigations providing timely and comprehensive, interpretation and solutions-based reporting. Our expert team regularly offers industry knowledge and friendly guidance. In conjunction with the Viridis Laboratory we routinely provide extensive insight into mould contamination projects via in-house communication and exclusive microscopy consultation from the Laboratory Team.

We service multiple stakeholders involved with Water Damaged Buildings including; individuals, restoration firms, facility managers, engineers, insurers, government agencies and in some instance’s legal representatives. Where feasible, Investigations possesses the unrivalled ability to engage the Viridis Laboratory to offer relocation and simultaneous on-site, real-time mould assessment and reporting for viable projects.

Our Difference

For responsive and professional built environment investigations and consulting contact Viridis for friendly service and expert advice. Phone us directly for quote enquiries and to discuss training, speaking engagements or expert witness representation.

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