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Ratings and Certifications

There are many reasons that environmental certifications for buildings may be sought after:

  • Understand how your building rates compared to others
  • Identify issues that are costing you both time, money and staff satisfaction
  • Your building is simply changing hands
  • Stand out from the crowd with a certification of excellence

Viridis can assist you with achieving the following ratings and certifications:

Sustainability ratings and certifications by Viridis Australia. Offices in QLD, NSW and ACT


NABERS is your benchmark on how well you are using your building, and where your building can provide you with a more comfortable and affordable space.

Our service goes beyond the simple submission of accredited NABERS assessments for certification, to focus on diagnostic investigation of often complex buildings. We help clients get more from the rating process by providing them with an increased understanding of their buildings, and guidance to improve and future-proof their ratings. As a consequence, owners and facility managers have saved considerable amounts of time and money from the  identified energy wastage problems

We offer a full range of building ratings under NABERS including Indoor Environment, Waste and Water ratings. Our staff have completed hundreds of NABERS energy ratings to date, so ratings are quick, accurate and cost- effective. Viridis can undertake NABERS submissions for Hotels, retail and data centres, as well as commercial offices, and act as an expert witness in proceedings involving ratings.

Viridis undertook possibly the largest NABERS Waste rating in Australia, as well as being involved with NABERS Introductory, Assessor and Retail training for the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate (previously DECCEW) and the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH)

Past projects include:

  • 145 Ann St Brisbane – 5.5 Star NABERS Energy for Offices Base Building.
  • Stockland Townsville – 3 Star NABERS Energy for Shopping Centres.
  • Stanley Place Townsville – 5 Star NABERS Energy for Offices Whole Building.

Green Star

Green Star is the rating system used most commonly during design to ensure that the building will be highly energy efficient. Most recently it incorporates a performance rating for the building (As-Built ratings). The higher the rating the greater the perceived value of the building.

Our Green Star services range from providing strategic advice and peer review through to full involvement in a project including initial concept, design and construction, taking responsibility of achieving both Design and As-Built ratings.

Viridis clients have achieved optimal ratings in their buildings, increasing the value of their assets to better than anticipated, and of course minimising costs and environmental impacts. We offer an unparalleled level of experience in achieving the highest Green Star ratings, covering a wide range of building types (e.g. offices, Education facilities etc), with many certified projects achieving 6 stars.

Viridis has provided strategic advice on many other projects, including independent peer reviews of Green Star submissions, and we have been involved in the development of the Green Star ratings tools since they were first launched. Our staff have contributed to the development of nearly all the different Green Star tools, and taken a lead role as category managers for the development of the Education tool, and Green Star training courses for the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), training several thousand industry professionals.

Living Building Challenge

is the greatest challenge in the world around buildings, being the most rigorous design and construction Standard. A building constructed under the LBC is sustainable in every sense of the word, minimising its impact on energy costs, and the environment that houses it.

The LBC vision for truly sustainable buildings to date has been taken up most strongly in the Education and Institutional sectors in the United States. Viridis is a proud Founding Sponsor and works closely with Living Futures Institute Australia to increase awareness and adoption of the LBC in Australia.

Viridis has been instrumental in bringing the LBC to Australia, with several staff not only trained in the LBC program, but also as ambassadors.The Viridis team are key parts of the LBC Collaborative in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra

Living Building Challenge - green building plans by Viridis Australia. Offices in QLD, NSW and ACT

PassivHaus and EnerPHit design and certification

The PassivHaus Standard achieves outcomes that stand in their own right as buildings designed with the ultimate energy efficient construction. EnerPHit provides certification to those wishing to retrofit existing premises with PassivHaus elements to optimise energy savings.

Viridis offers design assistance to achieve certification under PassivHaus and EnerPHit for residential dwellings. Buildings designed and constructed under PassivHaus are assured to be both energy efficient and optimised to reduce risks from indoor pollutants. They also provide very high ratings through Nationwide House Energy Rating System (NatHERS).

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