Sustainability (and Energy) Audits

There are many energy audits that provide information on just that – energy use. We aim to use our

experience to provide a significantly better return on the investment made in carrying out an audit.

We extend shift the cost/benefit of an audit by identifying where energy is wasted or could be better used to drive production or productivity. We identify the reason for anomalies by taking a forensic approach to building energy losses.

If an organisation is looking to even further improve its performance and so improve its outputs, a Sustainability Audit provides a platform to accelerate that change.

Viridis provides an audit service extending beyond the standard ‘engineering’ approach of energy auditing to look at a much wider range of issues affecting sustainability, including water, materials, equity, and occupant health, wellbeing, operation and occupant behaviour.

Our audit approach combines compliant Australian Standard energy audits with post-occupancy evaluation so that owners and operators can identify areas for cost-effective improvements that actually perform. At every opportunity, we strive to measure and report on the effectiveness of previous work we have undertaken, to detect any unforseen issues and to optimise building (and occupant!) performance.

Viridis has undertaken:

  • audits on a variety of existing buildings, ranging from The National Library of Australia, to Castletown Shopping Centre, and Carey Gardens Aged Care facility.
  • multiple audits on small residential, education and commercial buildings across Australia.


  • is unique in supporting the application of complimentary techniques (e.g. thermal imaging, air permeability testing and IEQ monitoring) in what would otherwise be typical energy audits.
  • Has peer-reviewed several energy audits to assist clients in making better investment decisions and to pragmatically implement upgrade measures. Recent projects include:
  • Sustainable retrofit feasibility study – Charles Darwin University
  • Sustainability-driven refurbishment study, SUN building 828 Pacific Highway, Sydney
  • Energy audit of the Carey Gardens Aged Care facility in Red Hill, Canberra
  • Energy audit of the National Library of Australia, Canberra
  • Energy audit of the St Andrews Aged Care facility in Deakin, Canberra
  • Energy audit of Castletown shopping centre, Townsville
  • Post-occupancy evaluation and energy/water review of 3 ‘green’ building projects for the
  • Australian National University
  • Thermal imaging
  • Airtightness testing Ku-ring-gai Council, Sydney

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