Indoor air quality, thermal comfort, noise, lighting and aesthetics are all factors that impact on staff comfort happiness and performance. Many organisations are yielding the benefits of assessing and their indoor environments to retain and satisfy their staff. With the release of the new NABERS Indoor Environment rating tool, it is possible to see how well your building is performing, and get recognition for good indoor environments.

Assessing indoor environments through an inspection of the property with measurements where they are needed allows a more forensic approach to identifying building problems. Often these may not only be costing health, but allowing damage to the building or wastage of energy.

Viridis offers a range of services from thermal imaging and moisture inspections, to indoor air testing to determine whether there is hidden potential for better workplaces and more efficient businesses.

Recent Viridis projects include:

  • assessment of the building defects of an eight-storey building in Sydney that were
  • Assessment of mould-damaged books in a library where mould spores were harbouring making people unwell due to poor indoor air quality. There were multiple building defects that when repaired would also have generated significant energy savings in the air conditioning system and the subfloor space due to poor ventilation, likely as the result of repeated flooding. We advised the School on measures required to restore the books, and remediate and repair the building to prevent future problems.