Buildings become hazardous when situations change. When friable asbestos is exposed that was previously sealed, or wall linings or timbers become wet and develop mould previously safe buildings pose serious health risks. When a building is affected by flood or sewage back flow, bacteria and viruses become a threat, and rodents can increase leading to serious health risks around both life-threatening infection and allergies. Fires can leave behind dangerous residues that, like mould, can spread and lead to long-lasting or ongoing damage to building structures.

Viridis understands that many of the situations where we may meet our clients in these situations are stressful and unexpected. We work alongside you to deliver cost-effective and time-efficient services that are nonetheless thorough and ensure safe outcomes for building occupants. We are there to reduce the risks owners, managers, insurers and restorers face when finding themselves dealing with an emergency situation or complaint, or being responsible for its smooth rectification.

We focus uniquely on the cause of the problem and the end result, and find ways of getting things back to normal and allowing business continuity. For example we see ensuring safe building drying, decontamination and reoccupation as a greater priority than carrying out an in depth microbial assessment of what has grown if a building is wet.

Our services and decades of experience in broad based Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Science incorporate all that is needed to keep people safe. Viridis targets delivery of a time- and cost-effective restoration in the event of fire, flood, or mould growth.

We provide pre-restoration assessment, remedial action and safety plan/scope of works preparation/health and safety training around contamination, site supervision, post-restoration testing and laboratory analysis.

Viridis staff:

  • have Graduate staff and Post Doctoral experience internationally in Environmental Science.
  • have an international thermal imaging specialist for high level moisture assessments.
  • have several staff trained and qualified to assess and advise on contaminated buildings.
  • are members of the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand and the International Society of Indoor Air Quality, and have members that are Certified Environmental Practitioners.
  • are invited to present at National and International level.

The company has carried out a variety of jobs in contamination including:

  • Acting as Indoor Environment Technical Advisors to NABERS and the Green Star Indoor environmental services in a six-storey building for John Holland Group following flooding
  • Assessment of a three storey building that was the subject of illegal drug use and arson and possible contamination
  • Validation of a domestic premises used to manufacture illegal drugs
  • Site assessment and supervision of restoration works/clearance around water damage and microbial (mould and bacterial) contamination for re-occupation for ICPS at a flooded Church and offices.
  • Staff have also acted as Expert Witnesses in relation to contaminants in the indoor environment including mould.