Viridis offer unparalleled quality independent peer review services of Green Star submissions prior to a project’s Round 1 or Round 2 formal submission to the GBCA. Two experienced Viridis staff members, who are either Green Star certified Assessors or Independent Chairs and have extensive submission compilation experience, independently review every peer review submission. Our separate comments and recommendations are then compiled into a single assessment, reflecting the formal assessment process that the submission will undergo once it is submitted to the Green Building Council of Australia. Comments (and any suggested modifications) are made directly back to the client in an Excel spreadsheet format, to allow ease of use by the project team.

In our written response we will provide feedback that identifies:

  • Issues that need to be addressed that could prevent a particular credit being awarded
  • Issues for particular credits that would improve the submission quality and clarity (though may not necessarily prevent a credit being awarded)

Viridis have extensive expertise in reviewing Green Star Submissions for the GBCA as well as for our clients. We provide the highest level of scrutiny for the project and ensure that a thorough review is undertaken. It is Viridis’ policy to be very rigorous in our review process, and believe that this approach allows project teams to address all possible issues that may be raised by the Assessor(s), thus greatly reducing the risk involved with each credit.

Following our independent peer review, the peer reviewers are available for a tele-conference to discuss ways to approach our comments. Although we will have made recommendations about the actions that should ideally be taken, we recognize that sometimes it is not possible for project teams to obtain the exact documentation recommended, and the tele-conference is a good opportunity for the team to discuss their proposed approach to our comments.

Project Examples:

Viridis have completed independent peer reviews for over 30 projects to date, including the following:

  • Discovery House (4 Star Green Star Office As-Built v2 awarded)
  • William McCormack Place(6 Star Green Star Office Design v2 awarded)
  • Stockland Fitout (6 Star Green Star Office Interiors v1.1 awarded)
  • 717 Bourke Street (5 Star Green Star Office Design v2 awarded)
  • 100 Market Street (6 Star Green Star Office Design v2 awarded)
  • 1 Shelley Street (6 Star Green Star Office Design v2 awarded)