Location: Brisbane, QLD

Client: Nielson Properties and Hutchinson Builders

Completion Date: March 2009

Project Description:

SANTOS Place is a 40 level, class 5 commercial office building located in Brisbane’s CBD with an NLA of 34,500m2.  SANTOS Place achieved 6 Star Green Star ratings for both the Design and As-built submissions, representing ‘World Leader’ status.

Viridis Roles & Responsibilities:

Viridis E3 were engaged by Nielson Properties to act as their advocate on this project.  As part of this role Viridis were responsible for the identification and implementation of increasing the targeted Green Star rating from 4 Star, representing ‘Best Practice’ to 6 Star, representing ‘World Leader’.  The increase in the Green Star rating was achieved with relatively little design change.  Viridis were also key in the inclusion of the tri-generation system in the building, one of the first systems to be installed in Brisbane’s CBD.

Partway through the project, Nielson Properties encouraged Hutchinson Builders to engage Viridis E3 to assist with the preparation of the Green Star submissions.  Viridis E3 completed this role for the Round 2 Design submission, and the As-Built submission.

Ratings Achieved

6 Star Green Star Office Design v2

6 Star Green Star Office As Built v2

Targeting Green Star Office Interiors v1.1

Key Staff Members:

Jonathan Dalton- Technical Director

Gesa Ruge – Corporate Development Director

Kim Featherston – Sustainability Engineer