City West Offices









Location: Canberra, ACT

Client: Walker Canberra Pty Ltd

Completion Date: May 2010

Project Description:

The City West project is a 12 storey office building located in Canberra’s Civic Centre.  The mechanically ventilated building includes rainwater collection and a greywater treatment system located in the basement.

A tri-generation system is provided, which provides the location with on site generation of electrical energy using a gas fired engine and utilising the waste heat from the engine to produce cooling water or heating hot water, which is used for space conditioning and the domestic hot water system.

6 Star Green Star Office v2 Design and As Built ratings have been achieved, with an original target of 5 Stars for both ratings. The sole tenant, the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), has registered for a Green Star Interiors v1.1 rating, targeting a 5 Star rating for their fitout.  DEEWR will be tenanting all of the building, and the fitout was 100% integrated with the base building works.

Main project GSAP, Kristie Martin, said “the success of this project in achieving 6 Stars in both Design and As Built when targeting 5 Stars is a testament to the commitment and ‘can do’ attitude of the whole project team throughout the design and construction of the project.”

Viridis Roles & Responsibilities:

Viridis were contracted to provide Green Star guidance to the design and construction team, review the documentation and prepare the Green Star submissions.  Viridis E3 (formerly Sustainable FX) were the Green Star Accredited Professional for the duration of the project.  Through the commitment of the builder and design team engaging Viridis early in the design process the team were able to achieve the desired Green Star ratings, and to achieve higher Design and As Built ratings than originally targeted.

Ratings Achieved

6 Star Green Star Office Design v2

6 Star Green Star Office As Built v2

Targeting 5 Star Green Star Office Interiors v1.1

Key Staff Members:

Jonathan Dalton- Technical Director

Kristie Martin – Sustainability Scientist

Charlot Bernardoff – ESD Coordinator