After a fire and subsequent smoke damage, soot falls or sticks to surfaces. pH imbalances and poor indoor air quality can exist. In addition to this, large amounts of water are often required to extinguish a blaze, which if not dealt with can introduce elements of corrosion, rust and mould growth.

In addition to our detailed assessment and inspections the following analytical testing is available;

  • Surface pH and chloride testing (particularly metallic surfaces after the combustion of PVC).
  • Surface wipe sampling for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) or other chemical residues of concern.
  • Air monitoring for combustion particulate matter PM2.5 and a range of gaseous by-products as required e.g. carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, PAH, formaldehyde, acid gases, phosgene, benzene and dioxins etc.
  • Asbestos & hazardous materials sampling & air monitoring.