Hidden Hazards:
Are you ready for storm season?

Damage from extreme and unexpected weather events are overwhelming.

After you find water in your property, you quickly realise that there is masses of conflicting advice on the internet, and even from different Government organisations. Knowing where to turn to avoid longer term problems is often the biggest stress people face when they have been flooded.

Could the danger appear after the storm has passed?

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Viridis QLD has moved!

It’s been a long time coming, but Viridis QLD has finally expanded into a new office in Kelvin grove. With this expansion we also welcome new members of staff and new services, as well as a new website. Be sure to visit www.viridis.com.au

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What causes health problems indoors?

Our bodies take in what they need to survive and what harms them every day when we eat, drink and breathe, or even touch surfaces. The greatest chance we have of taking in something harmful is when we breathe. The average person breaths between 6 and 60 litres of air every minute.

Given that we spend very little of our time outdoors, looking at what happens indoors is very important in maintaining our health and well being.

Following concern in the United States around infants dying from exposure to “black mold” in Ohio in 1993-5, North America saw a sharp awareness of possible impacts of living in contaminated buildings. The research later revealed that in fact the link between the two was tenuous, and the concept of “sick building syndrome” which was suddenly considered important for a while gave way to complacency and a return to oblivious occupancy. However over recent years mold has been attributed to more and more health issues.

Is your building healthy or could you be at risk?

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Ute of the traveling pants

 You have 10 minutes to get to work and your Karate uniform is still wet, so what do you do?

Tie it to the back of your ute and drive down the motorway of course! Well that’s what Viridis’ Christine Dewar did, anyway.

Viridis has, hidden in its midst, two senior martial artists who run academies. Unfortunately they’re kept so busy that keeping their Gi clean can be hard. Short on time? Want to be environmentally friendly? When in doubt use wind power!

Just be sure they’re secured properly!